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Laura 150 dpi“How did you come up with EarZings?” I am asked this question about once a week for years now. (Inevitably, once I share my story, the response is, “You should go on Shark Tank!” If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this…!)

Probably much like you, there are times that I am exhausted from my children begging for something that they want: a toy, electronics, clothes, or maybe a fashion accessory. Kids can be relentless and it is often difficult to stay strong! Then the day came when my oldest daughter was seven years old and she decided that she wanted her ears pierced. However, her newfound plans did not match up with my timeline. I had to wait for pierced ears until I was 13! But the begging and pleading had begun.

After countless failed purchases of clip-on earrings (very painful) and magnet earrings (even more painful), and during a moment of desperation, I came up with a ‘quick fix’ pierce-free earring to pacify my determined, yet picky, daughter. She excitedly put my invention on and gazed into the mirror at her sparkly ears. Hours passed, yet much to my surprise my daughter had completely forgotten she was wearing them. Possibly more remarkably, they also had stayed on her ears! At that moment I knew that this new, uniquely comfortable coil design would appeal to millions of girls by providing a revolutionary no pierce earring solution. Problem solved.

Like my daughter, you will be delighted when you discover these pierce-free earrings that are so pretty people will notice them, so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing them, and look so real! With EarZings, your daughter (or you!) will be a fashion trendsetter and friends will want to know where to get them.

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Made in the USA:

From the very beginning, I was on a mission to offer an earring that is made in the USA. While this initially proved to be an exceptionally difficult goal, after months of research I successfully sourced EarZings domestically. So, rest assured, EarZings are proudly made in the USA from the highest quality materials that are safe to wear. I also love that we are supporting American manufacturing and the US economy. EarZings are:

  • – Lead free, cadmium free, and free of all other heavy metals
  • – Nickel free
  • – Hypoallergenic

If you have any questions on product safety, please contact me at info@earzings.com or call 414.704.9873.

The EarZings Pierce-Free Coil Design: 

Lastly, I want to share with you what makes the EarZings patented design so unique and different from other clip-on or magnetic earrings. Because, with EarZings, the face of pierce-free has changed forever. The EarZings coil construction applies gradual tension to gently, but firmly, affix the earring to the earlobe. This exclusive design allows for unparalleled pierce-free comfort, as well as allows them to stay secure to the ear. The subtle coil also makes EarZings look like real pierced earrings since there is no clunky hinge or screw like with traditional clip-on earrings. And while temporary tattoo earrings are a fine solution for preschoolers, they are not a serious alternative for younger girls, let alone tweens, teens or, of course, adult women.

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I am so glad that you found us and I sincerely hope that you and your family enjoy EarZings as much as my daughters have, along with our countless satisfied customers.

Happy Accessorizing,

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Laura Pfaff, Founder

PS: My oldest daughter voluntarily waited until she was 13 years old to get her ears pierced because she was very happy wearing EarZings, even though she was allowed to do so for a couple of years before that!


US Patent No. 8752402, 9439481