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Emily Reviews – The Perfect Pierce Free Alternative

EarZings (Pierce-Free Earrings) Review By Asha December 2nd, 2016 Thank you to EarZings for sending their product to review in exchange for my honest opinion. I love earrings, and have two piercings in each ear. Recently, for some reason my ears have been extra sensitive to my regular earrings. I was so excited to partner… Read more » Dangles Review

earzings dangles will keep your little girl in the fashion-know without piercing her ears!   EarZings is a new earring line which allows your child to wear earrings without getting their ears pierced! I am excited to tell you about the EarZings Dangles here on Mommiez on a Mission. My Thoughts about EarZings Dangles- Having daughters I’ve… Read more » Review- A great alternative to pierced ears!  We have two little girls in our family who are just dying to get their ears pierced. But they are still a bit young, and afraid of the pain of piercing their ears. So we were excited to run into this special company called EarZings! EarZings is a great alternative to pierced ears. And… Read more »

Beautifully Bella Faith- Perfect Option for My Daughter!

EarZings Pierce-Free Earrings = PERFECT Option For My Daughter!   Bella is 6 years old and does not have her ears pierced. I’ve left the decision up to her since it’s her body, and she hasn’t brought it up…until she started first grade. She wanted earrings and thought they looked pretty, but didn’t want them… Read more »

BSC Kids YouTube Reviews

EarZings Pierce Free Fashion Earrings as seen and filmed by BSCKids at Toy Fair 2016. If you have a kid that is clamoring to get their ears pierced show them EarZings first. They have some really cool designs and boy do they stay in place. We tried them at the show and they were easy… Read more »

Charlene Chronicles- EarZings Review

NOVEMBER 23, 2015 EarZings Review Last February I discovered these adorable faux earrings called EarZings. They are pierce-free and designed by a Mom. She wanted to satisfy her daughter who wanted her ears pierced, but as a Mom, she wasn’t ready to let her daughter do so. After some tinkering, this forward-thinking Mom created Earzings…. Read more »

Missys Product Reviews

EarZings EarZings is an alternative for pierced ear but not a clip on like when I was a teen and wanted earrings as they just were the style back in the late 80’s I tried pierced once but got a bad infection on one of my ears and ended up at the doctors getting the… Read more »

Mommy Scene EarZings Review

EarZings No-Pierce Earrings Published on Friday, December 11, 2015 Written by Katie EarZings are a fun way to accessorize for a girl who doesn’t have pierced ears. They are more comfortable than clip-on earrings and don’t require the care of getting pierced ears. EarZings also come in a variety of beautiful rhinestone styles and designs,… Read more »

Coupon Savvy Sarah Holiday Gift Guide/Review

EarZings Earrings are Pierce-Free “Reinvented” – Makes a Lovely Addition as a Stocking Stuffer!! #HolidayGiftGuide #EarZings “The featured product was provided free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% the opinion of the Coupon Savvy Sarah family.” Rose doesn’t have her ears pierced, nor does she have the desire to get… Read more »

Michelles Comments- Blog Review

Michelles Comments Reviews EarZings December 16, 2015 EarZings are pierce-free earrings for girls of all ages. My niece is 7 1/2 and does not have her ears pierced and she keeps saying she wants eats so when I seen that the EarZings do make your ears look like you have them done I knew she was going to go crazy over… Read more »

Give the Gift of Cuteness with EarZings- Milk Wasted

Give the Gift of Cuteness with EarZings This Holiday Season! #giveaway US 12/12 1:12 PM Caitlyn 3 comments Sometime around the birth of my oldest daughter it was asked of me when I planned to get her ears pierced and where I’d consider taking her to have it done. At first I was very noncommittal… Read more »

EarZings Included in Airplanes & Dragonflies Holiday Gift Guide

EarZings – Pierce-Free Earrings #Review & #Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 11/29 #MadeInTheUSA #HolidayGiftGuide #StockingStuffers EarZings are a new design of pierce-free earrings. They are NOT clip on earrings or magnets but instead, use a coil to secure to the ear. This patented coil design truly reinvents pierce-free earrings. EarZings are proudly Made in the USA! EarZings… Read more »

OMG Goodies EarZings Review

OMG Goodies Review of EarZings by Jessica Pulido EarZings is a great pair of earrings for all ages. Great for girls who do not want to pierce their ears but want to be fashion forward! EarZings are such a great item for all girls. They are designed for the fashionista in your life that doesn’t… Read more »

Second City Style- EarZings Make Best Tween Gift List

Second City Style’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: For Tween Girls DECEMBER 18, 2014 • FASHION BLOG, HOLIDAY • Tween girls…I get them, but am so thankful I don’t have them. I can only imagine what raising me was like for my mother! I dodged a real bullet there. Yet, I love shopping for girls. So… Read more »

Natural Mama from Recommend EarZings

EarZings Review And Giveaway {2014 Holiday Gift Guide} November 24, 2014  – With the festive season approaching visiting family and friends, we dress up and look pretty and my daughter is one of those girly girls and fashionable. We want to look respectable and still be fashionable. I have had to listen to her wanting… Read more »

Girly Girl Giveaway Review

EarZings Review- July 29, 2014 My six year old daughter Penelope is a girly girl. She loves to accessorize her fancy dresses with jewelry. She does not have her ears pierced so I bought her some sticker earrings awhile back but they are constantly falling off and lately she has started to ask for real earrings. EarZings are the  perfect accessory… Read more »

LuckyGirl Media Recommends EarZings

LuckyGirl Media Recommends EarZings- December 31, 2013 Mid-West American Mom Entrepreneur Laura Pfaff Launches EarZings: Pierce-Free Earrings for Girls WAY TO GO, LAURA! Several years ago, Pfaff found herself constantly addressing her daughter’s persistent pleading for pierced ears. Pfaff held firm that her then seven-year old daughter was not quite ready for this “rite of passage.”… Read more »