Dangles Review

earzings dangles will keep your little girl in the fashion-know without piercing her ears!


EarZings is a new earring line which allows your child to wear earrings without getting their ears pierced! I am excited to tell you about the EarZings Dangles here on Mommiez on a Mission.

My Thoughts about EarZings Dangles-

Having daughters I’ve noticed how they always like to keep up on fashion trends. One thing they must have is the latest earrings to match the current fashions. What do you do for the girls who don’t have their ear pierced? You get them the latest fashion trends with EarZings!

EarZings are easy for anyone to wear. There are no worries about having your ears pierced when you have EarZings. They have spring-like back sides that are easy to put on your ears.  All you have to do is pull your ear a little, then slide the EarZing on your earlobe.  The cool part about EarZings is that you can get dangles for your girls as well. EarZings have a wide selection of dangles as well as the EarZings.

I have my ears pierced, but there are times I don’t like the feel of the earrings on my ears. If they too tight, I take them off.  If they are too heavy, I won’t wear them. The EarZings Dangles allow me to switch up the style and not have to worry about the issues I have when wearing actual earrings. They are a great way to get your girls into earrings without them having to pierce their ears.

This year, if your daughter or niece has asked to get their ears pierced, get them EarZings Dangles and allow them to have the style they want without the piercing they may not want for the rest of their life.

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