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Travel Easter Basket Ideas

Many families travel over spring break. Warm weather vacations always seem to be the most popular, but there are those that go skiing or take a more educational vacation such as a trip to Washington DC. Whatever the destination, there is the age old problem if your vacation falls over Easter- what can the Easter Bunny (aka “EB”) leave the kids that can easily be packed for the return trip home!?!? So, if the Easter Bunny is looking for great Travel Easter Basket Ideas, have him read on!

Last spring our family headed to Grand Cayman for a wonderful week in the sun. Because it was a tropical vacation, the EB got creative with a beach and swimming theme. I was pleased that these travel Easter basket ideas did not take up a lot of valuable packing space.

Vacation Themed Travel Easter Basket Ideas

First, our daughters each received a beach bag that he used as the basket. Both were an age appropriate bag that they ended up using as an airplane carry on. The EB did not need to go overboard with this bag. I have personally seen inexpensive options at both the Dollar Store, as well at Target in the dollar section, and the EB surely saw these too.

Travel Easter Basket Ideas: Beach Bag, EarZings Non Pierced Earrings, Swim Goggles, Sing the Movie, Hexbug Aquabot

Travel Easter Basket Ideas

Inside each beach bag was a new pair of swim goggles. What kid doesn’t need at least one new pair of goggles each year? If yours is like our family, multiple pair are lost each summer and the goggles that actually survive end up scratched beyond belief. As a side note, I personally like the tinted lens styles since they act like sunglasses. Swim goggles are an excellent travel Easter basket idea.

Also included was a Hexbug AquaBot, a small robotic swimming fish toy. These little guys are super fun for all ages- whether a boy or a girl. The little AquaBot fish start to swim when wet and stop moving when out of the water. The kids had a great time following the fish in the pool with their new goggles. Just remember to take them out of the water when done or else they will swim away. These fish are so much fun that they will be coming with us on our next tropical vacation as well!

Another travel Easter basket idea he included was a new movie. This year there are two great new releases: Disney’s Moana and Sing. Movies are not only easy to carry in a suitcase but also provide an activity for a rainy day or a new activity for the trip home.

Finally, because we have daughters, they each received a cute necklace. Now, as a shameless plug here, this could easily be a new pair of EarZings for those girls without pierced ears. However, since my daughters have all of the EarZings they desire, they were excited for a new necklace. Similar items could be a new athletic or fashion headband, a package of hairbands, or a hair bow. All are nice and compact.

Of course, the EB also included candy and gum favorites but stayed away from a lot of solid chocolate for fear of melting in a hot bag left out in the sun. Some other brainstorm ideas for the EB could be a new pair of sunglasses, sunscreen lip balm, or a travel size Wet Brush. (While I originally thought it was all just hype, the Wet Brush is truly the best.)

Enjoy your vacation!

Welcome to AccessoriZing- The Younger Girl’s Fashion Blog!

Introducing AccessoriZing Blog.

EarZings is pleased to announce that we have entered the world of fashion blogging. AccessoriZing is a younger girl’s fashion blog that is focussed on girls, tweens and young adults. This age group is overlooked by most bloggers and fashion websites alike. These girls are caught in the middle. They are much too old for knit play clothes and ruffles but are also not ready for crop tops, chandelier earrings, and ultra-mini’s either!

As a mother of 2 fashionable daughters, I know how hard it is to find stylish clothing and accessories that are not too mature, and yet not too youthful either. It is also a challenge to find unique items that their friends do not have already. It is my personal experience that clothing stores with great children’s and tween departments are few and far between. Many brick-and-mortar stores are disappearing completely and the kids departments are continually shrinking. A lot of the clothing and accessories offered are bland and boring. Like you, I am always on the look out for an ideal mix of style, great colors, practicality and that also are available for a (somewhat!) reasonable cost.

Our hope by introducing AccessoriZing blog is to appeal to both the girls and the adults who shop for them. We will help identify the hottest fashion trends, gift ideas, and other exciting fashion topics! The goal is to make clothes shopping and gift giving easy. We are also planning to have guest bloggers to keep things fresh and new. However, we will post only about styles, brands, and trends that we like ourselves!

Check in Regularly!

Please remember to check in regularly as we help you navigate through the maze of locating trendy, age-appropriate clothing and accessories for those age 7 – 14. You might even find an EarZings coupon or special offer now and again too!