EarZings Included in Airplanes & Dragonflies Holiday Gift Guide

EarZings – Pierce-Free Earrings #Review & #Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 11/29 #MadeInTheUSA #HolidayGiftGuide #StockingStuffers

EarZings are a new design of pierce-free earrings. They are NOT clip on earrings or magnets but instead, use a coil to secure to the ear. This patented coil design truly reinvents pierce-free earrings. EarZings are proudly Made in the USA! EarZings also has Crosses, Animals, Birthstones, Pearls and more!

Why EarZings are so Awesome:

  • No piercing necessary
  • So comfortable they can be worn all day
  • Look like real pierced earrings
  • Trendy and fashionable styles
  • Stay on through rigorous activity
  • Lead Free

EarZings can be worn by young girls, tweens, teens and adults. From sparkly to sporty and everything inbetween, there is a style for everyone. Just slide them on and see for yourself how revolutionary they are! To see more earZings styles and dangles go to their website: www.earzings.com.

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EarZings can be purchased online, or you can check their website for a retailer near you!

I didn’t think about it, but the white rubber grip should actually slide up the back side of the earlobe so that you can’t see it when looking at my daughter from the front side. The grip simply adds extra friction against the skin to help hold the earZing on!

My Review:
My two girls have fallen in love with earZings! They are currently sharing them, which is something you can’t normally do with real earrings. We love both the flowers and butterflies. I might also purchase a few pairs for their stockings! EarZings Dangles are easily interchangeable! You can add flowers to the butterfly earZings or flowers to the soccer ball earZings to make them a little more girlie if so desired. I can’t wait to see more designs in the future! EarZings are perfect for children and adults alike