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EarZings Review And Giveaway {2014 Holiday Gift Guide}

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With the festive season approaching visiting family and friends, we dress up and look pretty and my daughter is one of those girly girls and fashionable. We want to look respectable and still be fashionable.

I have had to listen to her wanting to have her ears pierced as you know they see their friends with pierced ears and want the same. I feel that she is too young to find the best clip on earrings for her is like a nightmare as they always seem to get lost or hurt her too much. Finding the correct girlie ones for her age is just as difficult.

Well we both got a surprise as EarZings offered me 2 pairs of their latest pierce free jewelry to review. I think my daughter was more amazed than I was.  It came in a soft pink see-through bag. She immediately wanted me to put them on her ears.


Firstly, these earrings are very different to your normal clip on types as it has a coil design. We followed the instructions provided by EarZings. First, I had to position the rubber grip with one and half turns from the start of the wire. I stretched her earlobe and slid on the earring. They went on her ears easy and the package advised that if they pinch the ears you placed them incorrectly.


It looked pretty on her ears. She wore them the whole day without any complaints of painful ears; she showed them off to all she encountered and is very pleased with her new fashion accessory. By bedtime, she had actually forgotten she had the earrings on her ears and I removed them quietly without waking her up.

Well I am finally pleased that I could now buy her some more of these comfortable pierce free earrings. EarZingshas outdone them with this revolutionary way of making young girls pretty without having their ears pierced. These earrings are available in many styles from puppies, dolphins, hearts, cupcakes and many more.

They have made these specifically for ages 5 to 12 years of age providing your girl with a choice of choosing what she likes to suit her fashion and style. Some even have brilliant crystals in them. These earrings are made in the USA and made of lead free metals, cadmium free, nickel free while being hypoallergenic are safe for even your little princess.

So if you are in need of buying something nice for your daughter that nags you all the time for pierced ears to wear some fashionable earrings think of EarZings. The coil earring without the fuss of clipping on and getting lost no magnets that wear out after a while, choose from different creations and styles at affordable prices. These earrings are safe to wear and available online or at many stores around the USA and Canada too.

My daughter has been pleased with her new earrings and at least has now stopped nagging for pierced ears. However, I had to buy her some more pairs to wear, but I do not mind, as I want my little girl to stay a little girl for now enjoying to be a child and not a complete grownup. That can wait! She can still be stylish while being fashionable without trying to be an adult.