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EarZings No-Pierce Earrings

EarZings are a fun way to accessorize for a girl who doesn’t have pierced ears. They are more comfortable than clip-on earrings and don’t require the care of getting pierced ears. EarZings also come in a variety of beautiful rhinestone styles and designs, with pendant dangle add-ons too!

EarZings No Pierce Earrings review - Mommy Scene

We received several pairs of EarZings to review. My daughter immediately loved the idea, but she is on the younger end of the age range to successfully wear them. She needed help putting them on; all you have to do is slide the spring part of the EarZing over each ear lobe. The metal spiral design holds the earring in place very well; although you can still tug them off with a gentle pull.

EarZings No Pierce Earrings designs - Mommy Scene

EarZings pierce-free earrings are a great solution for elementary-aged girls and pre-teens who haven’t had their ears pierced yet. They allow girls to accessorize without getting a piercing. I especially like many of the larger EarZings designs that make them a focal point. My daughter loves showing off her earrings whenever she wears them. You can choose from flowers, butterflies, stars, hearts, owls, dolphins, (and many more designs!) and many different colors of rhinestone studs. They are beautiful and maintenance-free.

EarZings No Pierce Earrings for girls - Mommy Scene review

Product Highlights

  • Nickel free, lead free, and free of all other heavy metals.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Unique patented design.
  • Coil construction applies gradual tension to gently, but firmly, affix the earring to the earlobe.
  • Unparalleled pierce-free comfort.
  • Securely stays the ear.
  • Look like real pierced earrings thanks to subtle coil.
  • Pierce-free alternative for young girls, tweens, teens & adults!
EarZings easy accessories for girls - Mommy Scene review

EarZings was created by a mom who designed them as a solution for her own daughter. Mom-entrepreneurs often come up with the best ideas and EarZings are yet another example of a wonderful family-founded company offering everyday practical solutions. Mom-entrepreneur Laura shares a bit ofhow she came up with the idea on her website.

“After countless failed purchases of clip-on earrings (very painful) and magnet earrings (even more painful), and during a moment of desperation, I came up with a ‘quick fix’ pierce-free earring to pacify my determined, yet picky, daughter. She excitedly put them on and, many hours later, and much to my surprise, my daughter had completely forgotten she was wearing them. They also had stayed on her ears so well. At that moment I knew that this new, uniquely comfortable coil design of EarZings would appeal to millions of girls, and grown women alike, by providing a revolutionary pierce-free earring.┬áProblem solved.”

EarZings review No Pierce Earrings for girls - Mommy Scene

As a child of the 90’s I totally remember magnetic earrings and was disappointing to discover they never stayed on and were easily lost. I would have loved using EarZings during the years I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced. EarZings even allow you to skip piercing entirely for personal preferences or if you have sensitive ears.

EarZings No Pierce Earrings review accessories for girls - Mommy Scene

I’m very excited that we know about EarZings now, as a pierce-free option for my very glamorous three-year-old and her one-year-old sister as they get older. Check out the benefits of these pierce-free earrings for your own daughters, support a small family company, and browse their many darling designs! EarZings are a perfect gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, milestone prizes, and more!





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