OMG Goodies EarZings Review

OMG Goodies Review of EarZings

EarZings is a great pair of earrings for all ages. Great for girls who do not want to pierce their ears but want to be fashion forward!


EarZings are such a great item for all girls. They are designed for the fashionista in your life that doesn’t want their ears pierced. I am excited to have this on the 2015 OMG Goodies Holiday Gift Guide.

My Thoughts about EarZings –

When I was 8 years old, I got my ears pierced. It hurt so bad. I remember that pain even today! Now that I have daughters, I had theirs done when they were little. They cried for a split second and that was it. I remember crying the entire 45 minute drive home. I always loved jewelry and wanted them done but goodness, if I was to go back and do it again, I am afraid I wouldn’t do it. Nowadays girls have options. They don’t have to pierce their ears to be up with the latest trends. Thanks to the designer Laura Plaff for designing of EarZings.



EarZings is a fashion forward earring line that you do not have to have your ears pieced for. They have a spring on to the ear. The way it works is tha tyou hold the EarZings by the charm on the front. You then pull the earlobe and then place the EarZings on the ear. It is that simple! The styles of EarZings are amazing as well. I got the chance to review two.


Above are two of the EarZings I was able to review they are Left to right, Glitzy which is the flower and Penache Pink. You can also buy dangles to go with any of the EarZings as well. If you have a fashion forward daughter I suggest you order her the EarZings today!!!

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